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Bleeding During Pregnancy

Joyful time in a woman’s life can be pregnancy. But this joyful time for many women can also turn to be filled up with concern and worry. Bleeding is a common during pregnancy. Bleeding is the flow out of blood from vagina in the form of spotting or bleeding. 30 percent of women at least will face this problem in common. Bleeding may stop in between pregnancy or may continue through out pregnancy in some ladies. Flow can be light or severe, of severe it is a cause to be taken seriously and immediate care should be taken. In the beginning it can be mistaken to be periods but during pregnancy human software, brain, sends signals to the uterus and menstruation cycle is stopped.

Common Causes

There are many causes for bleeding during pregnancy. Beginning stage is the implantation bleeding common in most of all women which does not go for long. Changes in cervix will create bleeding which is of normal kind, here bleeding can be in the form of light spotting after a contact to that part or a sexual intercourse. Dangerous bleeding is during miscarriage which can be at any stage of pregnancy. Other kind of bleeding is due to abnormal pregnancy like the molar pregnancy, tubal pregnancy or abdominal pregnancy which are rare cases that are found in a very few cases of one in thousand. There is severe bleeding during abnormal cases of pregnancy. Tubal pregnancy is when the egg gets implanted in the fallopian tube and starts developing there. Molar pregnancy is caused when the egg is absent of nucleus and still develops fertilizing with sperm and forms a bunch of grapes kind of structure inside the uterus.


Bleeding can be scary if it is first pregnancy, and is not a troubling sign. Bleeding is good as per the study many women bleeding in first trimester give birth to healthy babies. If not bleeding in any time of pregnancy even then healthy baby is delivered and to be mistaken. Bleeding is caused due to the implanting of the fertilized egg into the uterine walls, which creates increase of blood flow in the area and excess is seen as spotting or bleeding. Risks are normally associated with bleeding in the later stages of the pregnancy can be in second or third trimester. Generally 1 in 4 women experience the bleeding during early pregnancy stages and this is called as implantation bleeding.

Normal bleeding will never cause any threat to life of mother or baby. Normal bleeding or spotting will stop on its own and needs no worry. Women with negative rhesus blood groups like B-, AB-, O-, A- will have to rush to the doctor within 72 hours, whatever kind of bleeding it may be to avoid complicacies which can turn worse at any point of time. Get a detailed report and have the problem explained by the doctor. Never hesitate to go for any kind of lab tests of ultrasound scanning, these tests are safe and have no dangerous radiation that will affect the baby and are safe.

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