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Diaper Cakes: Best Gift for Expecting Mother

Some people may think that it is funny to gift items like diaper cakes. But this is not entirely true. In fact, this is the most important gift for the mothers and they do expect that their friends will help them in this. It is not essential that an individual has good artist knowledge for making such gifts. These gifts are so easy to make that any person can do that.

There are various ways by which such diaper cakes can be made. An individual can practice any way which they find easier to do. However, there is one most popular way of making such diaper cakes. This method is illustrated below:

The most important thing that is needed for making diaper cakes is diaper. In fact, a person should have at least around 60 diapers if they want to make a good diaper cake. Large numbers of rubber band are also needed. So, an individual should have a good stock of small and large rubber bands to help them in this task. They must also have one large cardboard with them to provide a base to the diaper cake. Another thing which should be there is the baby bottles. In fact, two baby bottles should be there.

Besides all these things, if an individual wishes to make their cake look attractive then they should have some decoration materials as well. Tapes and colored ribbons can be used for this purpose. One of the most important things that people should keep in mind is that they are presenting a diaper cake. So, they should use diapers in such a way that the recipient mother can use those diapers in the near future.

After all the materials are there then the cake should be made. In the starting, the diapers should be moved in circular way so as to make a cylindrical shape. The shape can then be locked with the help of rubber bands. All the diapers must form a cylindrical shape before they are locked with the rubber bands.

After this, the cardboard which is to be used as base can be provided with some decoration if an individual is interested in that. Decoration of the cardboard is not essential. After this task, the baby bottles are placed on the centre of the cardboard. This is followed by the locking of around six diapers using rubber bands around the baby bottle. Once this is done, another layer of diapers is placed around the previous layer and rubber bands are used to fix this layer.

It depends on the individual as to how much cake layer they require. For each layer of the cake, a layer of diapers will be added on the base. This is the basic structure of the diaper cake. Now as per their requirement an individual can decorate these cakes with the various decorating materials. But they should remember one thing that they should not decorate anything on the diaper.

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