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Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps function when a handle is squeezed repeatedly to permit the user to control directly the frequency and pressure of the pumps. The pro factor is that they are small and hence can be used anywhere. In addition, they are inexpensive. The cons are that the manual breast pumps are tiring from all the continuous physical efforts. For manual breast pumps, the power is obtained from the user. These types of manual breast pumps are useful only for occasion use. For instance, when a woman has to go away somewhere, for the duration of one or two feeds or for relieving engorgement from milk. Although manual pumps are tougher to use initially, with practice, you can get used to them. Since they don’t need the batteries or their pack, it is much more lighter than other pumps. You can purchase manual breast pumps if your budget is tight, as they are cheaper when compared to the other breast pumps.

Features Of Manual Breast Pumps

Many women feel that these pumps are of appropriate size, lighter and that they have better control over the suction, as they are doing it manually. They find it very simple to use and much quieter than the electric breast pumps. Some mothers compare the experience to be somewhat familiar to what they feel when they are breastfeeding. Better not use manual pumps that are styled as “bicycle horn”. One of the chief disadvantages is that it causes harm to the breast tissues. In addition, they conceal bacteria inside the rubber suction bulb that are troublesome to clean.

Different Models Of Manual Breast Pumps

  • Avent Isis Manual Pump is inexpensive and easy to operate with one hand. The silicon insert, as well as the suction level feels good to mothers. This pump can be used with all the Avent tops and bottles. It is smooth to operate, although there have been problems in achieving the letdown. But due to the easy way it can be operated, you can avoid tiring of hands, even if you need to pump for longer period of time, prior to the reflex kicking in.
  • Medela Harmony pump has relatively equal regard for Avent ISIS among consumers and uses the one-hand design. The soft insert in the pump feels very good. To instigate the letdown reflex, there are multiple modes, which mimic the nursing pattern of babies. It is easier to clean whenever necessary as the pump has lesser number of pump parts. You can use this pump with the conventional bottle system unlike the Avent ISIS Manual Pumps.
  • Medela Pedal Pump can be used often whenever needed. It is a foot pump and hence easier to operate for longer duration to efficiently stock the milk supply without much difficulty. Besides, it can pump simultaneously both of your breasts as opposed to the other manual pumps and hence more expensive.
  • Ameda One-Hand is so compact as to fit in your purse, glove compartment or desk. But its one-handed grip cannot feel comfortable for some women, as it is a bit different.

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