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Childbirth Complications Take Precautions

Though childbirth is a much cherished time for a woman but then there are some risk factors that you should know about so as to take proper precautions. These complications may sometimes bring an end to your cherished dream of giving birth.

Complications during pregnancy can be due to a number of reasons especially during the initial stages there are chances of miscarriage or an ectopic type of pregnancy. During the later stages complications may be due to premature birth of the baby etc.

Most often complications are seen in women who conceive after the age of thirty, this is due to various reasons like poor diet and other health related problems like hypertension, diabetes, etc

How to prevent premature delivery?

Though it may sound very simple but then you can prevent premature delivery if you increase the intake of Vitamin C in your diet. A full term pregnancy lasts for forty weeks and premature delivery usually occurs during the seventh month or the eighth month when there is a premature rupture of the fetal membrane. This premature rupture could be due to vaginal infection, low nutrition diet, Vitamin C deficiency etc.

Having fruits and vegetables with plenty of Vitamin C helps you to maintain the fetal membrane, studies have found that women with more of Vitamin C intake are more likely to have a full term baby. Taking oral Vitamin C supplements can also help solve the problem of premature delivery.

How to minimize complications after 30 years?

Modern life style has seen a rise in the birth of children to parents who have crossed their thirties and this in turn has increased the risks related to childbirth as there are more complications to women after the age of 30years as these complications start with the fertility and resistance power of women. Women who conceive after the age of 30years should avoid the use of fertility drugs as these have shown to bring about multiple births causing a lot of health related hazards and other pregnancy related complications.

You need to go in for regular check-ups after you conceive and try to prevent any complications due to pregnancy like you need to avoid smoking, use of drugs and consumption of alcohol etc. Following a regular regime of exercise and a proper diet will help you gain strength to fight against unwanted complications.

You also need to know that complications can be due to blood group factor or Rh factor, genetic disorder and other birth related defects. Having a healthy mind also goes a long way to prevent unwarranted complications so avoid getting tensed up.

Though the risk of pregnancy related complications is more after the age of forty but that does not mean that women below that age are safe, even these are prone to risks as it has been seen that complications may arise due to under weight babies etc.

Eating food rich and high in Vitamins, calcium and other nutritional products will help you cherish these wonderful moments of childbirth without the fear of complications.

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