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Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is a time where a woman undergoes a vast change in her body and it can be termed as an entirely new birth for the woman or as a time of rebirth. With changing times the process of birth has also modernized with less and less complication but then certain things don’t change at all but then we become more capable of handling any complexities of childbirth.

Childbirth is a special event in a woman’s life and she cherishes these moments all through her life. From the time a woman conceives and all through the period of childbirth there are various physical as well as mental changes that take place.

Childbirth does not come easily as it hurts because of all the pain that a woman has to undergo along with the stress and strain when she goes into labor. Sometimes the pain is so intense that it creates a life and death situation for the woman. There are a number of ways where a woman can decide to deliver her baby. The age old custom of giving birth to a baby in the natural way with the help of a mid-wife to the modern way giving birth to the baby in the hospital surrounded by qualified doctors and nurses.

There are three trimesters and each tells you the progress of your baby. The first trimester starts from the day your last menstrual cycle till the date you conceived as it takes about two weeks for the fertilization period. The most crucial period for the development of the baby is the first trimester.

During the second trimester the fetus starts developing the other prominent features like the eyes, nose, hair, even the bone starts becoming harder. It has been found that the baby starts to dream during the second trimester. The placenta also thickens with the growth of the baby.

The third trimester is the time when the baby is fully developed causing you to have backaches, fatigue etc. It is during the end of the third trimester that you will have labor pains. It has been seen that by the end of thirty weeks the baby has developed a systematic breathing movements and it responds to light stimuli. In most cases a pre-mature birth, baby born by the end of the thirty second week survives. By the end of the thirty fifth week the baby can breathe on its own without any problem. The baby is termed as a full term baby from the thirty eighth week on wards. As the weeks progress the placenta carries its function of providing the much wanted nutrition and oxygen to the developed baby.

If the placenta is found to have grown around the cervix this situation could sometimes be life threatening especially when you develop labor pains and the best option to safeguard the baby and your own health would be to go in for a C-Section delivery or cesarean section delivery. Which ever way you decide to deliver your baby you need to keep in mind that you should take complete care to prevent any hemorrhage which could be very fatal.

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