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Pregnancy And Childbirth - Facts And Fears

Pregnancy is a special moment and giving birth is like being reborn again. These are the two things that a woman will cherish all through her life. Getting pregnant and accepting the change that takes place in your body is like Mother Nature bestowing her best wishes on you. Feeling the movement of the yet to be born baby in the womb gives you a glorious feeling as you eagerly await the arrival of this new addition into your family.

From the time you conceive your body undergoes changes and the early sign of pregnancy is missing out your periods. Other changes developing morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, back pains, frequent urge to urinate, growing belly, increasing waistline and breast size are all the prominent features of pregnancy.

Along with pregnancy comes some inborn fear about the well being and healthy growth of the yet to be born baby. As a first time mother you may fear about the labor pain and its impact on your life as well as that of your baby. Other than this fear of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy etc are also fears that you as a mother may experience.

It is during this time you may feel lonely having heard a lot of stories regarding pain during labor and the problems faced due to labor pains etc. To get rid of these fears you need to enroll in childbirth education classes where all you profound fears are put to ease and you will develop a positive approach for delivery.

Many a times even if you decide to go in for natural childbirth there are chances of last minute complications to develop which may lead to your having to undergo cesarean section to deliver your baby. You need to be prepared for this kind of an emergency and the reasons leading to this kind of childbirth.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to go in for this C-Section and some of them are: the baby is so big that it is not able to get through the birth canal, or the umbilical cord is wrapped around the fetus preventing oxygen and other vital nutrients from entering the fetus, infection, mental stress, rupture of the placenta, heart ailments, hypertension or hypotension, diabetes etc.

You can take a second opinion in case you are not sure if the reasons stated by the doctor are valid and have decided to go in for natural childbirth. Many a times it has been seen that if there is no labor pain and in spite of inducing labor pains there is no response then the doctors not wanting to risk the patients as well as the fetus from harm may opt for cesarean type of delivery. Though this kind of delivery is expensive as would be mothers you have no or little choice as your safety as well as the well being of the yet to be born baby is of utmost importance for the doctor. These moments are to be cherished and all you need to do is to relax and try to de-stress your self.

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