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Weight gain after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. Yet losing weight after pregnancy is also easy. It depends on you how you intend to take your call - whether it is weight gain or loss.

It is important for a woman to know that when she gets pregnant, she should be thinking of herself as well as for her child. In order to provide the healthy nutrients to the baby from the mother, the mother needs to be very healthy. She should have the proper nutrients and so if she gets a bit over weight in providing the healthy nutrients to the baby, there is no problem.

During a normal pregnancy you could gain as much as 50 lbs rather than 30 lbs which is normal measure of gaining weight. There is a chance you might have a weight gain after pregnancy also. There is a simple solution to this, eat healthy food and have a good variety of foods. You should avoid getting fatty food with unnecessary food habits. Otherwise, you could get fat the whole of your life and have difficult time getting rid of the extra fat. If you keep both yourself and your baby nourished with proper food, there would be no problem in having a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Eating healthy while you are pregnancy is important.

Avoid junk foods and eat plenty of fibres along with fruits and juices. Stay easy off meats because they contain a lot of nitrites and sulfites added as preservatives which are very unhealthy for adults and a strict “no” for your baby. That’s the reason why if you eat nutritionally rich food, you tend to feel less hungry and gorge in less food. It’s only by eating healthier, can people lose weight. You also eat junk less because you want to give the best nutrition to you and your baby. This way you would not have more weight gain during pregnancy.

During pregnancy weight loss is not recommended. It is important you follow a healthy diet regime so that you don’t go on a crash diet and then end up gaining more weight. Even if you have become overweight, pregnancy is not the time to lose weight. Your baby needs all the nutrients to have a healthy body and you are the person as a mother to provide him with that.

Each person has his own unique way of weight loss. It is best for a mother to decide how she is going to lose weight and get back to shape after a child birth. Of course, she should consult her doctor for that. She should continue with the nutritional foods because the baby would be feeding on her milk and she should have nutritive food. But she can go for pre natal exercises with the consultation with her doctor. Light exercise would help to get back her lost shape and tone her muscles. In no way should she compromise with food and go on a strict weight loss regime. If she can understand what’s best for her that would be the best exercise. She has to think for herself as well as her baby now. After all she is a Mother! You are already glowing with the new-found elements in your life, care, love and affection.

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