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Wondering what ovulation is?

Ovulation is the time period when the ovaries release one or sometimes more than one egg and this is the time when you are in your most fertile stage of your monthly menstrual cycle. Every month many eggs get matured in the ovaries but then the one that ripens the most is released inside the pelvic cavity to be further pushed into the fallopian tube to be fertilized.

There is a difference between menstrual bleeding and ovulation bleeding as there is a visible color difference. Ovulation bleeding color can be either pink or red and lasts for a couple of days. If at times you notice bleeding every two weeks then it can be due to certain infection in your uterus or cervix, for this you need to undergo a through medical checkup which includes an ultrasound in order to ascertain the cause of the bleeding.

The main reason for the ovulation bleeding has been found that it can be due to the follicles that the hormones produce; it has been found that only one follicle gets matured enough to burst which leads to bleeding. Though it has been found that in case of prolonged bleeding it can be a case of endometriosis and if left untreated could have an adverse effect on your health.

Women who have a regular menstrual cycle can tell the difference between the menstrual bleeding and the ovulation bleeding, and as a woman if you have irregular periods then you need to get a through examination of your uterus done so as to determine the reason for this irregularity and also for the unusual heavy bleeding. Ultrasound of the uterus shows sub-mucous fibroids or any other problems like the development of polyps which can be removed for the purpose of examination and this sample can be sent to analyze the lining of the uterus.

As a woman you also need to know that in case of bleeding that occurs in between the monthly cycle it does not suggest that you are having your menses as it has been noticed that bleeding due to ovulation often occurs with discomfort accompanied with a lot of pain.

Ovulation is also a way to show that you are fertile enough to get pregnant. But then you need to know when you are fertile enough to conceive and one of the ways to find this out is to pay some attention to the date of your last menstrual period which usually comes every 28 to 30 days and the ovulation period are the days that lie in between the 12th and the 16th day of your next menstrual cycle.

Yet another way to monitor your monthly cycle is the change in your cervical mucus and this is a more accurate method of predicting the fertile period of your monthly cycle. Due to hormonal changes there is a gradual increase in the volume of the cervical mucus secretion. There is a change in the texture of the cervical mucus it becomes clearer, slippery and gets stretchier. These are simple ways to tell you when ovulation can occur; all you need to do is pay a little bit of attention.

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