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I Pill Emergency Contraceptive Pill Cipla

I-pill Emergency Contraceptive Pill is a pill from the company Cipla. It is a protection pill which helps in dealing with pregnancy prevention. There are many other drug markets too who want to make this kind of medication. It is an emergency contraceptive pill. Since it’s a new product many people have doubts in their mind. And therefore in order to get enough information you can call up on the numbers as mentioned by the company. The company has given many helpline numbers on which you can make a call and get the required information.

These kinds of pills are quite popular in Western countries. In Asia they are new. And that’s the reason many people are desperate to know as to how they have to use this product. Now the question is where you can find this pill. And the answer is you can find this pill at any of the chemist shop.

With invention of this pill things have become very simple. And it is estimated that with this I pill there will be lower rates of abortion in the country. This is because as per the company’s findings if a woman takes this pill within 72 hours of having unprotected sex then the pregnancy can be prevented.
The pill works in many different ways and they are:

The pill does not release the egg from the ovary. Then it works towards prevention of fluid restoration from the egg. And thirdly even if the egg gets released, it simply can’t get implanted to the walls of the uterus. Thus, this pill has an amazing effect on those who do not want to get pregnant.

This pill has a few side effects and they include nausea, dizziness, lower appetite, abdominal pain and so on. And this condition gets ok when the woman gets her other menstrual cycle. Normally, the woman should get her periods on time. But in case, if it is delayed and she doesn’t get periods then it would be apt to talk to the gynecologist.

However, the best thing will be to ask your doctor before using the pill. Even though this is an over the counter pregnancy protection pill, the thing that you must note is that

The pill may have a few side effects for which you must be ready.

It is better to find out other ways of pregnancy prevention too. As far as the working and effect of pill is concerned, it is believed that it definitely gives protection from pregnancy but in case if the fail, is there any other plan. It is vital to keep a second plan too in case if the first one does not work.

But over this, the pill has attained good amount of popularity as well as appreciation mainly because this pill has reduced the rates of abortion all over the world. With simple mechanisms and pregnancy prevention ways this pill is effective enough and is away from any kind of severe harms as caused to you.

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