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Pregnancy Guide - Your Way to a Wonderful Motherhood, Defined in Easy Steps

The doctor has confirmed after a urine test and sonography that you are on your way to motherhood and that’s for the first time. Aren’t you excited? A dozen thoughts rush to your mind in a moment. You envision that little bundle of joy all swaddled in a blanket, the little darling, all yours, to hold in your arms. There are other thoughts rushing in too, maternity dresses, maternity leave, breast feed or bottle feed, pink or blue baby accessories? God! Aren’t you all fuzzed up in the trice of a second of breaking the news?

So is your husband. You see the slow gentle smile that lights up his eyes and feel the warmth of motherhood spreading in you. This is a dream come true but you do have the reality too and be practical enough to face it.

The first thing that should come to your mind is to consult a doctor to guide you through the process of a hassle-free childbirth and medicines, injections, check ups, diets and finally the delivery. This is a process that has just started and will take up ten months of your life to present at the end the lovely bundle of joy which is worth living this life for.

Get to read a lot on the internet or from the book stalls on pregnancy. I feel the husband should also get involved in the reading. Motherhood is a very critical period of a woman’s life and it is to be treated with tender loving care. There are a lot of hormonal changes happening inside you that could affect you physically as well as mentally and it is for him to take care of all that. The husband and the family members are also an integral part of bringing a healthy happy baby into this world.

Let us take up the period of pregnancy into three periods, which is three months each. These are called the first, second and third trimester.

The first trimester has duration of 14 weeks. From a very microscopic size, the baby would grow to a melon size, quite small. During this time, the baby will have features on his face defined and the sex of the baby can be defined with an ultrasound. During the second trimester, time the mother might have morning sickness and have a tendency to vomit. The baby will grow fast and it should weigh 2 lbs at the end of the 28th week. The third period is till the birth starting from the 28th week. The baby is almost formed and if it is born early it can live under special care. The mother faces some disturbances due to the baby growing inside. These are heart burns, backaches and sleep problems.

While pregnant, it is imperative to have positive thoughts and avoid bizarre eerie thoughts crossing your mind. Read wonderful literature and watch light movies. Listening to soothing and light music also helps. In short, try to remain healthy, both mentally and physically to give yourself the best and bring forth a thriving healthy life into this world.

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