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Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy is a special case and can be a shock when the parents do not expect two babies in stead of one. One of 80 pregnancies is a twin pregnancy. The hereditary factor is extremely important in such cases. The probability of having twin pregnancy also increases with the age and the number of previous births. Nowadays, multiple pregnancies are often caused by the feminine sterility treatment or by the fecundation ‘in vitro’.

A multiple pregnancy is defined by the development of one or more fetuses inside the uterus. And the twin pregnancies have become very frequent. There are two kinds of twins: the ‘fake’ ones and the ‘true’ ones.

‘True’ twins are also known as monozygotic twins. They are the result of a single ovule fecundation by a single spermatozoid. The unique egg divides into two embryos that have identical chromosomes. Therefore, true twins have always the same gender and have the same genetic inheritance. The can be: - in 2 different bags but in a single placenta.

  • Each in his own bag and in different placenta.
  • Both in the same bag and the same placenta.

‘Fake’ twins are also called bi-zygotic twins. They are the result of two different fecundations: two ovules are fecundated by two spermatozoids. Therefore, two different pregnancies which develop simultaneously appear. Each embryo has its own bag and placenta. These twins have different chromosomes; therefore they have no reason to resemble between them or to have the same gender.

Twin pregnancy may be a normal pregnancy for you, but doctors do special preparations when it comes to such cases. You will be more attentively supervised. You will do more echo-graphics in order to control the babies’ development and their birth position. Twin pregnancy may also involve several inconvenient aspects: nauseas, difficult digestion, back pains, inflated legs and choking sensation. In conclusion, you have to rest more; especially in the final phase of the pregnancy (you will have a longer maternity leave). The risk of albumin accumulation and edema increases simultaneously involving an attentive supervising. Here are some severe risks:

  • Premature birth: the average duration of twin pregnancies is 8 months. Only a close supervising can reduce completely this risk.
  • Hemorrhages: Your uterus is larger and your placenta too big. There is a high risk of bleeding because of insertions in the cervix area.
  • Pregnancy toxemia: it can appear especially in the final phase of pregnancy. This is a sever problem that may put in danger both the mother’s and the babies’ lives. There are different prevention measures: arterial hypertension supervising, analyzing the albumin from the urine, control of the eventual edema.
  • The circulatory lack of balance between babies: when the twins share the same placenta, there is a risk of circulatory lack of balance – the blood passes from a fetus to another and the risk of death for the weaker twin is high.

Many women wish to have twins and ask for their doctor’s help in order to achieve their goal. First of all, you have to think seriously about your health and your inside power; take into consideration the fact that you will have to raise two babies of the same age simultaneously. However, if you are prepared to bare a twin pregnancy, doesn’t mean that your body is. Independent of the measures you take, your organism might not be capable of going through such a pregnancy. Unfortunately, we just can’t change the human nature data. 

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